Walmart has not made changes to LGBTQ-themed merchandise after backlash at Target


Walmart said it has not changed its security measures in response to the altercations reported by rival Target at its own stores.

Walmart announced Wednesday that it has made no changes to its Pride Month-related LGBTQ merchandise or safety measures in place at its stores, a week after rival Target pulled some LGBTQ-themed products following backlash of customers.

“We haven’t changed anything in our collection,” said Latriece Watkins, Walmart’s director of merchandising.

Last week, Target pulled some Pride-related merchandise, including items by transgender designer Erik Carnell, saying the products led to “unsettled conditions,” such as confrontations between customers and Target employees and customers throwing Pride merchandise on the floor.

Walmart also offers LGBTQ-themed merchandise tied to Pride Month, which is celebrated in June, including flags, clothing and accessories emblazoned with the rainbow. The “Pride & Joy” collection includes a set of $7.98 enamel pins with messages such as “Be you. Be proud.” and “You are enough.”

Walmart’s Watkins said the retailer has not changed its security measures in response to the confrontations Target reports at its own stores, adding that Walmart has not seen similar problems.

“In this particular case, when we think about security … we haven’t done anything particularly different in terms of security in our stores,” Watkins said.


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