These are the worst driving habits according to you


Failing to signal, tailgating and other complaints made it into your five worst driving habits

Almost everyone has witnessed bad driving on public roads and most will admit that they too have been involved at times. A few weeks ago we asked you what you thought were the worst bad driving habits. Here are the top five answers according to you.

Lights off

In fifth place, we have Jaxxx555 with his suggestion “People who drive without their lights on (or just their DRLs) at night and on rainy days are the single most infuriating example of bad driving.” As others have pointed out in the comments section, it’s kind of surprising how many people in new cars still manage to do this despite having automatic headlights.

Left Lane Hogs

Coming in fourth we have the classic slow driver in the left lane. Submitted by Holden Ute This is my personal gripe. They document their complaint saying, “Maybe it’s because I’m from a tourist town, but nothing pisses me off more than a rental Pacifica going 65 in the fast lane. Get your ass. For you it’s a scenic drive, for me it’s the Tuesday commute.”

Blinkers And Tailgaters

We have a three-way tie for first place, each with ten upvotes and zero downvotes. We’ll kick it off with PsychoKisser who just submitted a queue. We all know that frustrating feeling when someone is inches away from our bumper for no apparent reason.

Failing to use flash is next in line thanks to Styler. Again, this is unsafe behavior in some cases, so it’s easy to see why so many of you would vote for it. Somehow the word BMW didn’t appear in the comments or answer section.

Parking lot riders

And the eventual winner is a riff off of tailgating known as the parking tailgater. Ben specifically pointed out this behavior (among a few others) and also got a perfect feedback score of 10 to 0. Saving time in a busy parking lot seems to require parking quite far from the door and simply walking.

Without a doubt, a person who drives your bumper into a parking lot and then gets upset when you try to back into a space is not a very patient or courteous driver. They may even attempt to vandalize your car if they are that upset. At least they don’t pose the same high security risk that some of these other offenders might.


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