Prince William and Kate Middleton to clash over ‘increased’ role


Prince William and Kate Middleton will have to make some tough choices as they take on more royal responsibilities.

Writing in her column for, royal expert Daniela Elser explained that with their recent attendance at the royal wedding of Al Hussein bin Abdullah, Crown Prince of Jordan to his now-wife Princess Rajwa, the Prince and Princess of Wales have been taking a step in their royal career.

Elsher shared that with the smaller number of royal employees, Kate and William will now “shoulder the bulk of international royal tours.”

“The expectation and pressure on them to fly the flag on behalf of King Charles around the world will increase, whether we like it or not,” the expert wrote.

He continued, “However, on the other hand, they are a couple with young children at home, with lessons to do and sports kit to go to the dryer. Of course, the Welsh probably have more staff than a big branch of Kmart and I doubt the next King of Great Britain can find Napisan school shirts after a day of investing.

“However, William and Kate are clearly determined to be present in their child’s day-to-day life in a way that no future king and queen have ever been before.”

Elsher said their “devotion to their family” was going to “clash with the fact that both Charles and the government will need them to fly with increasing frequency in the coming years”.

In May, it was reported by the Daily Mail that Prince William and Kate Middleton are working to give their children a life where they manage their time between school and other activities and royal engagements, as they will have a much bigger role in future events after Charles’ coronation ceremony.


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