A lorry driver has been arrested after spilled potatoes wreaked havoc on a key bridge in Denmark


The country’s public broadcaster noted that the potato leaks occurred on the same day that Denmark’s parliament passed a law that sparked protests from truck drivers.

A 57-year-old truck driver was arrested on Thursday after loads of potatoes were found spilled on a key bridge connecting two Danish islands, police said. The driver was detained on suspicion of recklessly endangering life.

A first leak was reported on the west side of Storebaelt Bridge at 6.35am. (12:35 a.m. ET), police spokesman Kenneth Taanquist said. The bridge connects the island where the capital, Copenhagen, is located with the rest of Denmark.

A similar incident occurred on the east side a short time later, Tanquist added.

“It seems strange,” he said. “We’re working on two cases: either it’s an accident or it’s something that’s been done on purpose.”

Police said roads had become slippery and urged motorists to drive slowly. Lines of vehicles were reported on either side of the approximately 18-kilometer (11.2-mile) bridge-tunnel link between the Funen Islands, home to Odense — Denmark’s third-largest city — and Zeeland, home to Copenhagen, according to the Danish Road Administration. .

A third incident of street potatoes was reported near the town of Kolding on the Jutland peninsula. Kolding is located near the Storebaelt bridge.

Danish public broadcaster DR noted that the potato leaks occurred on the same day that the Danish parliament passed a law to tax diesel trucks carrying heavy loads.

The new measure has sparked protests from truck drivers.

In recent weeks, they have peacefully blocked highways and main roads across the country, arguing that the tax will make their lives unsustainable. The majority in the Danish parliament argue that it is vital, as the continued use of natural gas and diesel trucks is environmentally unsustainable.

From 2025, drivers of gas and diesel vehicles over 3.5 tons (7,716 pounds) will be taxed 1.3 kroner ($0.19) per kilometer (half mile) driven.

Torben Dyhl Hjorth, a spokesman for the protesting truckers, said on Facebook that they “strongly distance themselves from today’s ‘tricks'”. He added that they were planning a protest at a later stage that “may be felt, but without risk to people’s lives and well-being”.


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