The stories at the heart of the Prince Harry’s latest tabloid battle


The Duke of Sussex will take the witness stand in a few hours at London’s High Court, claiming illegal tactics were used to reveal information about his private life.

Prince Harry is suing the Mirror Group (MGN) newspaper, which he claims used illegal tactics to obtain information about him, including phone hacking.

He will be the first senior member of the British royal family to testify in court in 132 years.

The Duke and his legal team will present 33 sample stories published in the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People published between 1996 and 2010.

His lawyers say the articles were just some of 147 they say were obtained after illegal newsgathering.

MGN says that in the vast majority of its sample, it can show that the story came from a legitimate source.

Here are some of the stories Prince Harry claims were obtained through hacking.

Prince Harry’s childhood

A series of articles about Prince Harry as a young boy are at the heart of his claim.

Another story, in 2000, claimed that Harry had chosen to go rock climbing instead of celebrating the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday at a party.

Harry’s legal team argues that these stories can be traced back to records of payments to private investigators, while MGN claims that in both examples the information was already public.

Prince Harry’s school days

The onslaught of press followed the young prince to school at Eton, where various stories of sports injuries emerged.

In November 2000, the Daily Mirror reported that Harry had had “minor surgery” on his hand following a football-related injury, detailing the specific advice doctors were said to have given the 16-year-old.

MGN lawyers claim that such articles were based on information provided by the palace or public knowledge of the school and were not obtained from private medical information.

Prince Harry’s girlfriends

Most of the stories at the center of the claim center around his relationship with ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy.

Some of the headlines included “Harry is a Chelsea fan” and “Harry’s girlfriend ‘to lose him'”.

Prince Harry has previously claimed that one of the main reasons they split was because he was hounded by the press and photographers.

The alleged media intrusion “led Ms Davy to make the decision that ‘royal life was not for her’, which was ‘incredibly upsetting’ to [Harry] at the time”, she claims.

Harry claims his personal voicemails were intercepted, allowing reporters to find out where he was during the top-secret holiday.

On one occasion, reporters were booked into the same remote Mozambique hotel as he and Davey, which the newspaper says was a tip from a local freelancer.

Prince Harry blamed the newspapers’ alleged activities for “huge bouts of depression and paranoia” during his teenage years.

Prince Harry’s party days

Articles focusing on Prince Harry’s partying days will also be scrutinized, including stories with headlines proclaiming “Harry’s parties, ecstasy and GHB” and “He loves booze and the army. He’s bored and going home” which also referred to his relationship with Davy.

MGN argues that the stories were in the public interest and had “a variety of legitimate routes and sources” for them.

A story in the Sunday Mirror story from January 2002 said that Harry’s father, then Prince Charles, had “sternly warned Harry” about smoking cannabis.


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