Princess Diana, Meghan Markle could bond over ‘outsider’ image


Princess Diana and Meghan Markle are carved from the same knife, says an expert.

The Duchess of Sussex is much similar to her late mother-in-law, who also felt like an outsider after marrying into the Royal Family.

Speaking about the two ladies associated with the Royal Family, Dr Tessa Dunlop says: “When you have that growing up slightly as an outsider within the family, you can see that slightly parallel in the way in which Diana and Meghan both identified as outsiders within the Royal Family.”

The expert then noted that Diana was forced to “find a path outside the Royal Family”.

She told OK!: “If you can find someone who understands them, that’s really helpful and I think Harry found that with Meghan and I think Meghan would also share that with Diana.”

Tessa then continued noting that Meghan “might feel she relates to aspects of Diana’s legacy”.


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