Prince William branded a ‘real loser’ with a ‘much bigger problem’


Prince William has just been put on blast for being the ‘real loser’ after the Lioness’ loss, given that he’s exposed a ‘much bigger problem’.

Conversations and accusations against the couple, as well as their lack of presence for a national sporting event has just been referenced by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She broke down all of her thoughts against the couple, during her piece for

In this piece she warned, “I really hope that whatever the prince spent the weekend just past doing – re-organising his novelty sock collection or wearing his Crocs around Balmoral – was worth it because whatever he has been doing was clearly more important to him than, you know, keeping the Commonwealth together.”

Because while “the World Cup might be over,” and the “dizzying highs of the Matildas’ run sadly brought to a close,” it is “not the English team who are the real losers here” because “step right up, the House of Windsor!” are to blame.

Later in the chat, Ms Elser also shed some light on the prevailing ‘elephant in the room’ and said, “if anyone inside the William and wife Kate, the Princess of Wales’ team had been hoping this debacle might soon recede into the rearview mirror now the Cup is over, buckle up kiddos.”

“Because this situation has actually exposed a much bigger problem: King Charles and William and Kate have yet to visit a single one of the 14 countries outside of the UK of which His Majesty is head of state. Not. A. Single. One.”


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