Prince Harry thinks he’s ‘smarter than everyone else’: ‘So much ego!’


Prince Harry Was Just Accused Of Thinking His Brain Is ‘So Good’ No One Can Beat It

Prince Harry is currently accused of believing he has “a good mind” that “can’t be beaten”.

Royal commentator Petronella Wyatt told Prince Harry all and accused him of getting ‘too dramatic’.

According to The Telegraph, he warns: “Having your phone hacked isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you.”

“Public abuse is not pleasant, but people risk it every day on Twitter,” she also said before adding that “I still can’t understand what Harry is, until it suddenly occurred to me that he thinks he has a brain. , and a fine one at that.”

“That partly explains why he hates Britain so much and said at his trial that he had hit ‘rock bottom’.”

“My friends in California say he’s puffed up like an adder having written a book and now thinks of himself as homme sérieux.”


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