Prince Harry ‘exhausts the world’ with ‘so intense privilege’


Experts believe Prince Harry is creating a ‘creepy spectacle’ for himself with his High Court case

Prince Harry has just been warned not to “milk” Princess Diana’s death because the world has “run out of a man born with every imaginable privilege”.

Royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton has spilled his honest feelings about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

According to the Daily Mail, “Harry’s two days in the witness box were a disappointing sight as the dim-witted Duke realized with the world watching that the vast majority of the articles he had been assured must simply have come from phone hacking was already in the public domain.”

“The victim narrative that Harry believes can save him from any tough question when challenged by woke friends like Oprah Winfrey and Tom Bradby didn’t work when presented with real facts by the Mirror’s sharp KC Andrew Green.”

“And while no one underestimates the pain of losing his mother in front of the world as a young man, we are all now exhausted by a man born with every imaginable privilege in the world constantly whining about his lot in life.”


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