Meghan Markle’s reasons for ‘dropping friends like flies’ exposed


An expert has just stepped forward with explosive claims into the real reason behind Meghan Markle’s bid to ‘drop friends’.

Relationship expert Kate Mansfield has weighed in on these points of alleged contention during an interview with The Mirror.

In an effort to explain the true reason behind Meghan Markle’s failing friendships, she pointed out how it ‘mainly’ revolves around personal growth.

In the eyes of Ms Mansfield “People who value growth and personal development often grow out of friends and connections over the years.”

This will mainly happen once “they change to the point that they no longer have much in common with old friends.”

Before concluding she also pointed out all possible reasons for this and went as far as to say, “This can be down to different values, lifestyle and interests – all of which profoundly and most certainly apply to Meghan’s journey into becoming a royal.”


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