Meghan Markle’s future plans have been revealed by Prince Harry


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have no plans to give up their royal titles

Prince Harry, in an interview, made it clear that he and his wife Meghan Markle have no plans to give up their royal titles, adding that he will never return to the UK as a working royal.

King Charles III’s youngest son Harry made the claims during an appearance on “60 Minutes” when asked about allegations that he and Meghan were still cashing in on their titles while making millions while losing the family to which took them.

“Why not give up your titles as Duke and Duchess [of Sussex]?” Anderson Cooper asked Harry in an old interview promoting the disgruntled king’s memoir, “Spare,” according to the New York Post.

“And what difference would that make?” Harry replied smugly.

The Duke of Sussex has appeared to sidestep accusations that he is cashing in and ignore polls showing a majority of the UK public want the titles removed.

Cooper refrained from pressuring Harry to collect money, but instead asked him why he had to be so public with his brutal attacks on his family.

“One of the criticisms you’ve gotten is that okay, okay, you want to move to California, you want to get out of the institutional role. Why be so public? Why reveal conversations you had with your father or your brother?’ Cooper asked.

Meghan’s husband responded by saying he tried to have such conversations in private, but “every time” “there were updates and leaks and stories planted against me and my wife.”

“You know, the family motto is, ‘Never complain, never explain’. But it’s just a motto. And it’s not really true,” Harry complained.

In a separate interview with “Good Morning America,” Prince William’s younger brother admitted that he will likely never leave his Montecito mansion to return home or work as an active royal.

Harry said he did not “think it would ever be possible” for him to return to the UK and live as a working royal.

“Even if there was an agreement or arrangement between me and my family, there is this third party that will do everything they can to make sure that’s not possible,” he said, apparently referring to the British tabloid press.

“It doesn’t prevent us from returning to reality, but it makes it impossible to survive,” he said. And that’s really sad because that basically breaks the relationship between us,” Harry said.

Asked bluntly why he doesn’t “go out” to avoid “hypocrisy”, Harry claimed: “I can never go out.”

“I’m incredibly aware of where I am and I’m incredibly grateful for the life I’ve had and continue to live. But there’s no way I’m going to be able to get away from it,” she claimed.

Despite his startling revelations in his numerous interviews — including a six-part Netflix documentary — and his often brutal personal memoir detailing behind-the-scenes dealings,

Harry – despite his revelations in his interviews, Netflix documentaries and memoir – still claimed he was never the one to leak about his family.


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