Meghan Markle setting up ‘Meghan Inc’ and Prince Harry ‘has no role’: ‘He’s a rags to riches’


Meghan Markle’s PR plan ‘strengthens’ Prince Harry’s brand identity. Royal experts believe Meghan Markle is leaving Prince Harry ‘in the dust’ with his PR.

This warning has been issued by News Corp columnist Louise Roberts. He weighed in on everything while chatting with Sky News Australia.

In the middle of that conversation, he blasted Meghan Markle’s alleged PR plan and claimed, “she seems to be going out of her way with ‘Meghan Incorporated.’

In light of this, Ms Roberts feels “It will be very interesting to see what happens with the brand” because at the moment “it seems to be more about her and not Harry at the moment”.

This claim came in response to similar claims that Prince Harry’s PR package is causing him to lose “more than he can ever afford”.

It also comes in response to talk surrounding Meghan Markle’s current attempt to “paint the town red” without Prince Harry by her side.

According to royal commentator Ingrid Seward, “There was a lot of gossip and a lot of talk about Meghan going out in LA without Harry. But I think that, you know, they’ve probably just gotten to the stage in their marriage where they can do their own thing.”

Her claims were shared with GB News and they go on to say: “They were absolutely together like besties, they weren’t like that before, but I don’t think the marriage is faltering.”

“I just think they’re finding, you know, a little bit of independence from each other, which we haven’t seen before.”


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