Meghan Markle is ‘duty’ for Prince Harry, stays ‘reserved’


Prince Harry seemingly struggles to be his true self when he is around Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex monitors his behaviour around the his Duchess and always has his guards up, says a body language expert.

Darren Stanton highlights there is a significant difference as to how Harry behaves in public with and sans Meghan Markle.

The expert says: “There is a notable distinction in his non-verbal communication when Harry is on his own compared to when he is with Meghan, he almost feels like he needs to be on duty when he is with Meghan, he seems a little bit more aware of his surroundings, like he has to present a certain brand.

“His body language isn’t as open and he’ll often be more reserved. When he is on own, Harry has a sense of openness that we rarely see otherwise, he is very authentic in his emotions and his confidence increases as he doesn’t need to take on a protective role,” notes Mr Stanton.


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