Liar! Prince Harry was caught lying in court as most of his evidence have proven to be fake


Prince Harry testified in a British court this week, alleging he was unlawfully targeted by a British group, including having his phone hacked.

He had to reconcile inconsistencies between the evidence and his memoir.

Over 100 individuals, including actors and actresses, have come forward with similar claims against the alleged culprit, Mirror Group Newspapers.

This breach of privacy allegedly began in 1991 and lasted until 2011. Harry’s Electronics hack caused issues with his relationship with Chelsea Davey.

Harry didn’t want his personal information to be used by tabloids to ruin his love life. Prince Harry faced discrepancies in his testimony, which could hurt his book sales or case.

Ngn claims their information came from Buckingham Palace informants, but British tabloids are known for phone hacking. Prince William settled a phone-hacking lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch’s papers. Harry’s involvement in the lawsuit is seen as attention-seeking by detractors.

This is an opportunity to criticize the Royal family. Thank you for Reading.


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