King Charles receives ‘good advice’ for Meghan Markle, Prince Harry


“Remove their titles, go with the flow and live without regrets”

King Charles has received sweet advice from a royal fan following reports that the monarch is said to be “sad and bewildered” and increasingly “frustrated” by Prince Harry’s behaviour.

Commenting on the Daily Mail report, one fan of the King said: “Your Majesty. I have some very good advice. Remove their titles, go with the flow and live without regrets.

“No one could have done more than You and William to try to resolve this dilemma. It’s beyond help until he figures it out himself. Then you will be there for him if you are asked or needed.”

Another fan said: “We can only hope she makes dad happy one day.”

Earlier, the insider told The Times: “The King brings out Harry every time I see him. I don’t think we’re sad and bewildered, but there’s a little bit more frustration with his behavior because he just keeps going.”


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