King Charles places shocking rule in place for Prince Harry peace talks


King Charles has reportedly placed a shocking rule in Prince Harry’s lap ahead of their peace talks.

Revelations about this rule has been brought forward by an insider close to OK magazine.

This inside source in question explained the decision and prefaced the ‘mortal wound’ Prince Harry previously administered in the chat.

According to the insider, “The King loves his son very much but he has been mortally wounded by what he has done.”

It is due to this very reason that even though “he will always be there for him,” he’s decided to “draw the line at public slanging matches.”

With this at the forefront of King Charles’ requirements, “If the talks take place, the King will make it very clear that there will be absolutely no private family business discussed in public moving forward.”

There are currently no insights into the exact dates, but it is understood from his schedule that a few days in between King Charles’ Balmoral trip, as well as France engagement, there is an empty calendar entry.


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