King Charles changes ‘social media practices’ after ignoring Lilibet


King Charles III snubs his grandchild, Princess Lilibet, due to a falling out with his son, Prince Harry.

The monarch has refrained from publicly wishing his youngest granddaughter on her birthday this month as the bond with Harry continues to be strained.

Royal commentator RS Locke tells the Independent: “Last year’s birthday recognition was at the behest of the late Queen and an indication of the cordial relationship she had with Prince Harry, Meghan and their children.”

“King Charles’ decision not to publicly acknowledge his granddaughter’s birthday, nor Prince Archie’s last month, is a reflection of their strained relationship and possibly an indication of social media practices to come.”

This comes as New Idea reported how Harry has deep regrets that his father didn’t get to know his children.

“Harry’s biggest regret is that Archie and Lilybet missed one of the most important days of their grandfather’s life,” the source shared.

“William’s children will forever be in the history books and his children will not rate any mention.”

Harry also continues to overthink the time he “went into overdrive” when eldest son Prince Archie “started asking about his grandfather”.


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