Is Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s ‘general celebration’ over?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly want the world to see how they have “moved upwards and upwards to the higher moral ground where even recreational virtue-signaling can lead to nosebleeds”.

The couple’s new approach to the royal family has just been reported at length by columnist Judith Woods.

According to The Telegraph, he began by asking: “Could it be true? Is it just idle gossip? Say it ain’t so. Rumors are rife that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to leave Britain and freeze the royal family. Oh wait, they already did (bells it down to check). “

“Right, so it looks like they’re doing it all over again, but this time without the mud, interviews and general whingefest. This time they seek (he advises notes) what is known as Dignified Silence.’

“Not that they’ve run out of things to say, you see, or that nobody cares anymore. No, it’s because they’ve learned. Because they’ve moved up and up to the higher moral ground, where even recreational virtue signaling can lead to nosebleeds.”

“And because henceforth they want to raise their Prince and Princess in such a way that their lived experience is a flawless apple pie privacy in their humble community of gazillionaires.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t keep a straight face,” Ms. Woods later added, because “I’d rather talk about Transylvania because I’ve been there and yes, there are real bears on the streets. And wolves too. But I digress.”


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