Eugenie and Beatrice help Prince Andrew rehabilitate his image


Royal commentator questions whether Eugenie and Beatrice can help rehabilitate their father’s public image.

They may struggle due to being unpopular, but could be used as a backup team. It’s unlikely they’ll have an increased public presence due to young families and limited time, despite wanting to maintain their royal appearance.

Andrew’s children stood by him during the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, and they are not considered members of the royal family. They’ll be seen as a “reserve team” because of their lack of popularity. Princess Eugenie recently gave birth to her second son.

The 33-year-old announced on Instagram that she and her husband Jack had a baby named after both of their grandfathers. Princess Beatrice attended a wedding in Jordan with Prince William and Kate, and later made a surprise appearance with Eugenie at a garden party in Buckinghamshire.

However, due to their parental responsibilities, their availability for Royal duties is limited. Andrew’s options for rehabilitation include good works, writing a book or giving interviews, but these may be disastrous for the family.

Charles reportedly refuses to use his influence to reinstate Andrew’s titles and bring him back into the public Royal fold.


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