Are Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson Still Married? Expert comments


Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson live together in Royal Lodge

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s unusual bond is under media scrutiny.

The former couple, who still live in Windsor Royal Lodge after years of divorce, fueled rumors that they are still a married couple.

Commenting on it, expert Richard Palmer tells the Daily Express: “This is a very strange set up, I’m not going to lie, the real set-up of it with an ex-married couple living at opposite ends of the house.

“I mean, it begs the question that, obviously, it’s still pretty close.”

Palmer replied: “Yes, and of course, some have speculated that they live there as a married couple, but [they insist] that’s not the case.”

Forsyth laughed, before adding: “A lot of people would absolutely hate the idea of living with their ex, [it] would just be hell. I think that’s the weird part of the story.”

It comes as Fergie opened up about her bond with Andrew following their divorce.

She said: “We always say we are the happiest divorced couple in the world. We are separated from each other, not from each other.

“We are countrymen who support each other and we believe that family is everything.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done together raising our children and maintaining a strong family unit. Our words are communication, compromise and compassion,” Fergie noted.


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